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About us

Our company


MIRAmedtech is a German company. We are Worldwide Exclusive Distributors of the MIRA products. Our MIRArollers are manufactured by one of the most premium ISO 13485 manufacturers of medical products. MIRArollers are top quality, safest needling products, coming sterile and ready to use. MIRArollers shall be offered in different configurations (needle-lengths, number of needles, etc. with or without an abrasive face). MIRArollers are uniquely fitting face and body treatments, as add-ons to the MIRApeel.


Customer Service

Our customer service is legendary. Our team of professionals answer your calls, emails and direct website contact in less than 24 hours. We usually ship products to you, worldwide, next day. Our shop at offers all of the products at best prices, and unique promotional programs.

To contact us:

  1. Email:
  2. Phone: +49 (0) 1525 6927874
  3. Call your local country Distributor


MIRA rollers with needles have added a totally new, more effective still safe dimension to all of our MIRApeel treatments.  The results for our main therapies with MIRApeel - like dry skin, texture rejuvenation, mild acne, hyperpigmentation, etc.. have been substantially improved since we started using the MIRA NEEDLING on top of our MIRApeel handpiece.  Thank you for bringing us MIRA, it saves us time and makes patients happy.

Dr. Lipinska, Warsaw, Poland